Safe Search on on iPhone iOS 14 not really enforced

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  • November 18, 2020 at 7:57 am


    Sorry for submitting this issue again, but I have done some extensive testing at home regarding this matter and want to submit my findings to the community.

    I use the following Cleanbrowsing DNS servers on my local private network: and (the free Adult Filter).

    It is working great on enforcing Safe Search on Google and Bing on all our devices. Recently we upgraded some of our iPhones to the latest iOS 14 when I started to see mixed results on All our other devices and mobiles still works just fine and Safe Search is enforced, but iOS 14 together with has clearly some troublesome issues.

    To repeat this issue on iPhone running iOS 14:

    1. Start Safari and browse to
    3. Search for an adult word, like “sex”
    2. Hit the ”Home button” so that Safari is suspended.
    3. Wait 10 seconds
    4. Bring up Safari again and hit refresh.
    5. You will now see adult search results.

    Could someone verify this is the case for others as well?

    I have submitted this “bug” to Microsoft on Bing and on the Apple Support Forum. But most of the topics there is concerning “how to disable Safe Search” and not how to enforce it. So we will see about the response from the community. I will get back here if Microsoft or Apple will respond.

    Still very happy about this service. I am “adult filter” evangelist in my community in general, but advice people to use Cleanbrowsing.


    January 19, 2021 at 7:42 pm

    Sorry for the delay here. Your message was marked as spam by mistake.

    Mind trying again? It should be fixed now. Bing changed the way it pushes the records, but we made a fix a month ago that solved it.