Router set up

  • February 24, 2020 at 11:52 pm


    I set up my Netgear router on my laptop going directly into the router.

    I did a add DNS cleanbrowsing 1 and cleanbrowsing 2 with the on both.  then click set.  When I go back into the router setting it shows my router IP number as SET in the box  and a bright red X in the box by the cleanbrowsing 1 and 2 IP’s.  Is this how it is suppose to show up?   I did the DNS leak test and it shows as cleanbrowsings and host name Cleanbrowsing.  DOes this mean it is working?   I also have covenant Eyes on my laptop to protect it from porn and such.   When i do a check with it shows covenant eyes as blocking this.   I just want to know if the cleanbrowsing is set up right and working?