Phillies 13, Doubles 2: They exploded the pitchin’man in Philly last night

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  • November 18, 2023 at 2:42 am

    “Is the great Dallas Keuchel experiment over?” asked commenter gintzer, and the response is “let’s hope so. ” In a video game that was basically over within 40 minutes, the goal was for nobody to get injured, and hopefully nobody was. This wrap-up was made typeable with songs by and regarding Pennsylvania’s next-door neighbor state. Inning-by-inning notes:1: Given that we have actually all been hard on Joey Gallo lately, Willi Castro and Jordan Luplow would such as to remind us that “hey, we can set out, also!” Carlos Correa doubles, however any type of rally needs love. 2: Who’s obtained time for those edge boys making noise? It’s sometimes-3B Jorge Polanco and always-RF Max Kepler with back-to-back solo dong strokes. But uh-oh, the actual Dallas Keuchel reveals up. Let’s begin with 2 increases, a single, stroll, and HBP, please! After Nick Castellanos obtains his second hit of the inning, Rocco mosts likely to the bullpen. It’s gon na be a lengthy night. Josh Winder gets the final out, and it’s Phillies 6-23: A leadoff walk from Luplow is shot through the heart by Ryan Jeffers’ GIDP. Winder’s work is to maintain going until he implodes and hopefully saves the great bullpen bottles for tomorrow. So far, so good. 4: With 2 on and two out, Joey Gallo OH FK THIS, let’s review how Hoboken band Yo La Tengo chose their name. From Wiki: The name originated from a baseball story that took place during the 1962 season, when New york city Mets center fielder Richie Ashburn and shortstop Elio Chacn discovered themselves colliding in the outfield DJ Stewart Jersey. When Ashburn opted for a catch, he would shout, “I got it!