dnscrypt sdns stamps have non-standard provider names

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  • February 27, 2020 at 3:26 am

    While running dnscrypt-proxy pointing towards cleanbrowsing-security, it repeatedly gives a warning (and presumably other cleanbrowsing filters as well, after checking their stamps):

    [WARNING] [cleanbrowsing-security] uses a non-standard provider name ('cleanbrowsing.org.' doesn't start with '2.dnscrypt-cert.')

    The stamp on github for cleanbrowsing-security is:



    When decoding the stamp at https://dnscrypt.info/stamps/, it says that the Provider name is “cleanbrowsing.org”.  According to the dnscrypt protocol at https://dnscrypt.info/protocol/, I believe that the Provider name should be “2.dnscrypt-cert.cleanbrowsing.org”.

    Could you send an updated stamp with a corrected Provider name to the maintainer?  I believe the file is maintained by Frank Denis <j @ dnscrypt [.] info>