Cleanbrowsing DNS over TLS/dnscrypt Android app?

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  • January 17, 2020 at 7:05 pm

    For those of us that don’t have Android 9 with “Private DNS”, I’d really love for there to be a good DNS-securing app (DoH or DoT or dnscrypt) that pointed to some of cleanbrowsing’s DNS.  In particular, I feel there would be a good deal of interest in cleanbrowsing-security’s filter, at least, since it has been reported to be more effective than Quad9’s similar offering.

    There are several apps that have emerged in this area: Quad9 Connect, Cloudflare’s, Intra, Nebulo, but each has some significant downside.  Intra and Nebulo can be configured to use cleanbrowsing, but Intra is inefficient in its approach, and Nebulo has some bugs it seems (though I’m working with Nebulo’s developer on some things).

    Given the number of apps in this area, and the push by Firefox for DNS over HTTPS, I think Cleanbrowsing could gain a foothold more easily by having a good app.

    Also, I’ve seen that there is a Cleanbrowsing apk on the website, but it’s not in the Google Play Store?  Not having the app in the Play store means that the user doesn’t get the benefit of Google Play’s security scans.