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  • August 24, 2020 at 2:04 pm

    In the blog article “My Router Does Not Allow DNS Changes” the suggested solution will cause a double NAT situation which can cause problems with online gamining and VoIP services. It will also cause issues if you host any sort of web facing server.

    Many ISP’s (such as Virgin Media in the UK), as pointed out, do not allow the user to change the DNS settings in their provided equipment. However, many (including Virgin Media) allow their device to be put into “modem mode” (aka bridge mode) in which the device is purely a modem with no routing enabled.

    In this mode you can connect a third party router which will take full control of the connection (and receive a public IP). This way you can alter the DNS settings as indicated in the article without producing a double NAT situation.

    If modem mode is available it should be the preferred option with the solution in the article being the fallback option.

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    Thanks for the feedback here, I’ll see about making an update to account for this.