Activity not showing but cleanbrowsing is blocking sites properly.

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  • September 20, 2021 at 12:39 am

    I noticed my traffic from my home router hasn’t been logged correctly the past 24 hours. I did try some of the blocked sites in my config and it correctly blocks the sites but does not log it for some reason.

    My home router’s IP doesn’t change that often, in fact it’s been the same last few months. My other devices that do change IP often on cellular mode seems to log correctly.
    I do update my account settings with new IP if I need to but it usually log the traffic without manually updating and the logs is usually how I see if my home network gets a new IP but thats not the case this time and the router is having the same IP as usual so thats not the problem. I tried setting up a new device to my account and it logged everything as it should right away.

    My home network has been active as usual but my log looks something like this:

    2021-09-19 21:03:11
    2021-09-19 20:53:22
    2021-09-19 19:14:15
    2021-09-19 18:23:44
    2021-09-19 15:38:19
    2021-09-19 13:10:15
    2021-09-19 13:00:12
    2021-09-19 10:15:06

    I’m running a server on my home network so I dont want to reboot my router if I dont really have to, and since some of my home network’s traffic does show up in the activity log makes me think that the router is not where the problem is, but I could be wrong. The log glitches but shows some of the traffic, so it should’nt be the router right?

    As I said, I dont want to put my server offline so is there anything I could try first?




    October 12, 2021 at 7:19 pm



    Do you mind sending this to so that we can help you faster.