Is NOT For Children Under 13

Startpage is a privacy oriented search engine. It works by scrapping non-personalised search results of other search engines and displaying it to the visitor. This is done to prevent Search engines from “tracking” your searches. However, this privacy concern is a big fat lie.

Startpage displays advertisements by the same search engines in the same page as the search results. This provides almost the same information to search engines as they would get if you would do the search on their own page and negates all the effort in scrapping results. This is not some sort of mistake – the Startpage creators do not care too much about your privacy but about advertisement impressions and clicks on them.

Thus you can forget about getting any reliable search results, as this is a tool that focuses on promoting specific commercial websites. virus makes are seeking to increase traffic and page ranking of these pages. They also get revenue if you click on any of the ads displayed among your search results. All of the victims of this browser hijacker understand the risks they are taking pretty quickly and they want to get rid of virus.

Not only the program doesn’t allow you to browse regularly, but it also puts you at risk of getting your system infected. It may redirect you to compromised websites where your system can suffer spyware attacks and similar dangers. Furthermore, virus may be recoding your browsing habits, like your search queries and most visited websites. Additionally, it can get access to sensitive data, like your emails, passwords, etc. It can pass this information to the third parties and involve you into other annoying activities.

Complaints such as system slow down and crashes can be attributed to the presence of potentially unwanted program. In the case of, displaying too much advertisement can reduce system performance. Video or flash advertisements uses excessive amount of resources that can also lead to system crashes.

It is noticeable that exists only to shoot-up advertisements on infected computer. This moneymaking scheme by browser hijacker seems to be very profitable that is why a number of them are popping up daily. User has no beneficial gain from, it is only their handler that generate profits at the expense of innocent computer users. also contains images of violent content nudity and sexual material, so parents must warn their children about this: If any child visits this dangerous website, his parents will be in deep trouble. Kids need to stay away from this malicious trashy domain-right now!!

I urge parents to install the wonderful filtering tool to keep kids and adults safe. This concludes special discussion. Thank you.

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