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October 19, 2020 at 8:31 pm

@”So you’re saying Categorify may have added the site to its database only when I initially searched for it, and then shown me an automated assessment of content?”

Oh, yes.

And, depending on what type of content you are reporting, that can be the quickest way to report (if you have a bunch of sites to submit). For instance: When it comes to reporting “Adult” sites, I usually just do a search for them and Categorify classifies them automatically (it rarely tags them in the wrong category). When it comes to proxies, though, it often has trouble detecting them and comes out with a “Technology” result or something like that. So, with certain categories (e.g. proxies) I usually just head over to “/recategorize”. Because I know I’m going to have to manually specify the category anyway.

@”Am I correct in expecting CleanBrowing’s family filter to block any site that is categorized as adult, even if has other categories as well?”

Yes. E.g.: x-forum DOT net.

@”But that might not have taken effect yet as the 24-48 hour clock actually started when I did my initial Categorify search?”