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October 10, 2020 at 4:32 pm

Here’s a good article about

Qwant is based in France and delivers results in a choice of more than a dozen languages including English, French, and Italian. This search engine doesn’t track you or your device and promises not to log your search history.This is a metasearch engine that primarily takes Bing search results and delivers them to the user. It does have its own indexing capabilities as well.

The profit-model for this company includes affiliate deals with sites such as eBay and Trip Advisor, so for some searches, you may end up with these sites having an unfair advantage in terms of making it to the top of results pages.

Most test searches delivered expected results, but local search results were generally inappropriate. Qwant has a unique and aesthetically-pleasing interface and enables you to search the web or narrow your results to news, images, social, or videos. Plus, you can filter results by age (“freshness”).

Settings let you customize your homepage, including options to display trending topics, news, and social posts, and open links and videos in new tabs.

So may contain images and videos that show violence, nudity, and sexual content, it will be categorized as Mixed Adult and Search engines: and is NOT suitable for kids under 13. They should NOT visit this search site for nothing!!

Kids should be visiting safe search engines parents recommend. Thank you for this information.