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March 10, 2020 at 5:20 am

Daniel, if i follow that link and sign in to my account, I receive this notification¬† – Upgrade for This Experience. To access xFi, you’ll need to upgrade your service/equipment. Learn more about eligibility requirements. While I did not toggle this off while I had one of their modems, I am thinking they disabled this automatically when i switched off renting their modems. In doing more research, I fully believe the issue is now with my modem itself. I purchased a Netgear AC1900 Cable Modem. Model # C6900. It is pre configured to work with OpenDNS. There is an option to click on the parental control inside this interface and it opens an OpenDNS sign in page. Once I signed up for a free account and set OpenDNS to monitor my internet, none of my devices have an issue now. When I run dns leak test, they all show as using OpenDNS. I did not do enough research to know that this was hardwired into the modem. I found a Netgear article out there where someone posted the same issue. He said to configure Open DNS and there was really not away around it. I do not know if all Netgear Models are configured this way, but this one is. I will need to look into a circle plus to set some cleanbrowsing controls. If I find that article again I will post it here. If there are other suggestions I am up for it. Thanks,