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February 1, 2020 at 9:17 am

Thanks for your great work and for your reply.

It’s odd, SafeSearch is now correctly enforced on DuckDuckGo without me doing anything. I set the Family Filter on my router and I remember DuckDuckGo having SafeSearch enforced first, but when I wrote my message, it wasn’t the case while it was still enforced on Google, Youtube and Bing. If that ever happens again, I will run a DNS leak test to see if everything is normal.

For the other search engines, as I said, images and videos are not displayed, which is fine. It would have been great if web search was safe too, but I understand that it’s not always possible to enforce it. I found a better solution for Qwant : you can add a CNAME for that points to It also enforces a strict filter on image and video results, thus making the blocking the search unnecessary.