Disable Content Filtering on Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro (UDMPRO) Controller 6.0.+

The latest Ubiquiti controller (version 6.0.43) has made UI changes that makes it easier to take advantage of their built in content filtering options. In the process, it will change the workflow if you’re trying to leverage your custom content filtering options.

To disable the built-in UniFi content filtering option, follow these steps:

1 – Select Settings

2. Use the NEW Settings interface, not the classic one. Then select NETWORKS

3. Select EDIT on the appropriate network:

4. Expand the CONTENT FILTERING panel and make whatever changes you want to make. If you want to apply your CleanBrowsing filters you will need to set it to NONE.

Once it is disabled, you can refer to this guide to help configure your new DNS options.

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