Data Retention & Logs

CleanBrowsing offers all paid users the ability to set a retention period for all logs, and the ability to download the logs to analyze further.

Privacy and Data Retention Policy

The Privacy and Data retention is set via the Data Retention settings page. This page provide three key options:

VisibilityThe length of storage is determined by your plan. They range from 30 to 90 days based on your specific needs. Custom plans have the ability to increase retention to better align with your organizations storage requirements.
Reports-OnlyThis is specific to log aggregation. It does not provide notifications or reports. It makes the logs available for download, but removes it from the activity monitoring dashboard.
Total PrivacyThis feature removes all features. You can use the service, but we won’t know what you’re doing, and you won’t know what you’re doing either. All logs will be empty and the dashboard will show it INACTIVE.
CleanBrowsing Data Retention Explanations
CleanBrowsing Privacy and Data Retention

Download of DNS Logs

All DNS activity can be downloaded by an account holder. This data can be used to created customized reports, or integrated into an organizations existing log retention system.

All logs are provided on a daily basis and are downloaded in CSV format.

CleanBrowsing Data Retention and Logs Page

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