Introducing a New Desktop Agent for MAC

We are excited to release a new agent for Apple Machines. This agent allows you to quickly set our Free profiles on any of your desktop / notebook devices.

You can access the agent here:

Step 1: Download the DMG file

Clicking on the link here will automatically begin the download:

It will be downloaded to your default downloads folder (defined in your browser).

Step 2: Open DMG File

When you double click the DMG file you will see this prompt:

Step 3: Drop the App into your Applications Folder

This ensures that it’s readily available.

Step 4: Open the CleanBrowsing application

Navigate to your “Applications” folder, and double click the CleanBrowsing application

Step 5: Confirm the request to open

Because you are downloading from the web you will be asked to confirm the download. Proceed with “open”

Step 5: Configure Free Filter Profile

Now you choose one of the two available free profiles.

And that’s pretty much it.