DNSCrypt with CleanBrowsing Custom Filters

In addition to supporting DNSCrypt on all of our free filters, we also support DNSCrypt on the custom filters that you can configure on your CleanBrowsing account.

If you don’t have a CleanBrowsing account, you can use it to gain visibility on your DNS activity and customize the type of filtering you need to have on your network:

To get started with DNSCrypt there, you first have to go to Settings->Network in your dashboard and look for the DNS Encryption subsection:

In there, you will find the SDNS stamp that you can use to connect to our DNSCrypt server via DNSCrypt-proxy, DNSCloak or any other software that supports it.

If you are using dnscrypt-proxy, you can get that SDNS stamp and paste into the static section of your configuration:

stamp = ‘sdns://AQMAAAAAAA..…XUjykRQ2xlYW5Ccm93c2luZy5vcmc’

And change the server_names to use it:

server_names = [‘cleanbrowsingcustom’]

Our custom filters support DNSCrypt, DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPS, so try it out when you have a chance. We offer a more complete guide for Windows and Simple DNSCrypt.