Categorization Engine

The CleanBrowsing platform uses the Categorify engine for it’s domain categorization schema. Categorify is owned and operated by CleanBrowsing.

Categorify uses a series of proprietary techniques for it’s categorization; they range from domain freshness, to word density, and a range of other indicators. All are powered by our supervised machine learning engine.

The Categorify engine powers the free and paid filtering services alike. We use an open-source like approach to being the most effective solution in the market place. We actively crawl domains daily, and users like you help keep us honest. In return, we provide a free-forever service for anyone that needs it.

Like with anything, our categorization is not perfect and takes a lot of time and effort to maintain. If you want to actively help us provide the most reliable and effective solution for DNS-based content filtering, you can.

How to Recategorize a Domain

Helping us get better, is easy. You can leverage our recategorization engine.

The process is straight forward. Enter a domain, it will provide you a result. If you believe the result is incorrect, you can make appropriate changes using the available options.

Things to consider when recategorizing a domain:

  • All entries are reviewed by the team before being applied. 
  • The categorify engines do a real-time scan, it might show a category that isn’t reflected into the service yet.
  • It can take 24 / 48 hours for a recategorized domain to be applied. 

The biggest category we get the most questions about is Adult / Pornograhpy. It’s the one we expect the most feedback on. Here are a few things to make note when submitting a site:

  1. There is a difference between Pornography and Nudity or Swimwear or Lingerie. We ask that you work to separate that personal bias and think more broadly and globally. Example: Victoria Secret would be Lingerie, not Pornography.
  2. We introduced Mixed Content intentionally. These are typically domains that are not just distributing porn. A great example of this is something like Reddit, or Video Streaming sites. Please do not annotate these things as Adult / Pornograhpy, we will not accept them.
  3. Please do not enter search engines as Adult / Pornograhpy, we will not accept them.
  4. Please do not submit social platforms. We monitor them closely and we will not block them.