9 Clear Warning Signs That Your Kids Are Exposed To Internet Porn

Your innocent YouTube-watching child might actually be watching pornography on your smartphone. It’s a disturbing thought for most parents but research shows that it’s not a rarity. In fact, several studies including a research by American Psychological Association found that on average most children have their first exposure to porn before they’re […]

Introducing a New Desktop Agent for MAC

We are excited to release a new agent for Apple Machines. This agent allows you to quickly set our Free profiles on any of your desktop / notebook devices. You can access the agent here: https://cleanbrowsing.org/download/CleanBrowsing-1.0.0.dmg Step 1: Download the DMG file Clicking on the link here will automatically begin the download: It […]

Safe Image Search for Kids

Image search is an useful way to find content online. Unfortunately, image search can often generate some explicit surprises that young kids are not ready for. Image Search Dangers Searching for images is a fun way to quickly find visual results for what you are looking for. You can easily […]