Is Reddit Safe for Kids?

Reddit is an awesome site with great communities and subreddits. However, is it a site that you should allow your kids to visit? In this post we explore that question, and also talk to how a content filter like CleanBrowsing can help you create a safe browsing experience. Porn, Language […]

Manually Change DNS on a Mac (Terminal)

You can change the DNS on your Mac and lock your settings to prevent changes. Changing The Mac DNS Mac’s allow you to quickly change the DNS via the Settings->Network>Network Name>DNS screen. This is approach is quick and easy, but sometimes we want to enforce some of the changes and […]

Configure Stubby with CleanBrowsing

How to leverage the open source Stubby DNS resolver with CleanBrowsing. What is Stubby ‘Stubby’ is an application (daemon) that runs on your network and allows you to proxy local DNS requests to external DNS resolvers leveraging DNS over TLS. Stubby encrypts DNS queries sent from a client machine (desktop […]

Configure Google Safe Search

Block adult and explicit sites using Google Safe Search at your School or home. Learn more about Google VIP. Google Safe Search VIP Google provides a way for parents and schools to enforce safe search on all browsers and devices using your network. That’s done by leveraging the SafeSearch Virtual […]

Configure Bing Safe Search

Microsoft provides a way for parents and schools to enforce safe search on all browsers and devices from your network. That’s done by leveraging Bing’s Safe IP address – that can’t be undone at the browser level. By applying these changes, any search done from Bing will restrict the results […]

Configure DNS by Subnet

When you need custom DNS rules and content filtering for different subnets inside your network. Different rules for different subnets A common question we get via email from CleanBrowsing users is asking how one can configure their internal DNS resolver to use our porn/adult filtering on a portion of their […]

9 Clear Warning Signs That Your Kids Are Exposed To Internet Porn

Your innocent YouTube-watching child might actually be watching pornography on your smartphone. It’s a disturbing thought for most parents but research shows that it’s not a rarity. In fact, several studies including a research by American Psychological Association found that on average most children have their first exposure to porn before they’re […]