Update Billing & Cancel Account

Paid accounts can be cancelled by navigating to the My Account control panel in your dashboard. Inside that menu option you will find the Billing option. This option will take you to the account billing page. This page allows a user to a) update their credit card information and b) […]

Configure CleanBrowsing on MacOS BigSur +

With the release of BigSur, and iOS14, users are now able to leverage the latest in DNS protocols that leverage encryption (i.e., DNS-over-TLS, and DNS-over-HTTPS). To help streamline the process all paid plans have a new option in the Network settings page: This link can be shared with any Apple […]

Manage Multiple Customer Accounts (MSP / Partners)

The partner program introduces multi-tenancy that allows a partner to manage multiple accounts via one centralized dashboard. The centralized view introduces the following features: Manage multiple accounts; Quickly log into each managed account; View of all active profiles; Summary of all Allowed and Blocked requests; More features coming in 2021… […]

Override Ubiquiti DNS Settings

If you are using the Ubiquiti DreamPro system (5.14.x controller, see here for 6.x controller) you might notice that your DNS rules are not being respected. That is because we partner with Ubiquiti to integrate our free services as a basic layer of their filtering platform. They enforce these rules, […]

Change DNS on Spectrum

If you’re working with spectrum you might need to make your changes via the Spectrum App. In their more recent hardware deployments they no longer allow changes to be done via the routers IP. This guide will show you where to make this change. 1 – Services Tab When you […]